The Reproductive Health Program has resources to help medical providers deliver comprehensive reproductive health services to patients in hospital and clinic settings. Resources include everything from hands-on workshops and interactive webinars to one-on-one technical assistance on topics including women’s and men’s health, birth control, and STD prevention. Learn more about how our reproductive health experts can help you integrate quality services, transform your practice, and improve patient outcomes.

Reproductive Health Service Integration

The Bureau of Family Health’s Reproductive Health Program (RHP) has served the health needs of men, women, and families in Louisiana for over four decades. As Louisiana’s sole grantee of the Federal Title X Family Planning Grant, the program has historically focused on providing reproductive health services, primarily through the 64 Parish Health Units across the state. The Program is now expanding to offer expert reproductive health education and support to health providers in diverse settings such as hospitals, private practice, and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

As healthcare providers, we want what is best for our patients. Being able to address a patient’s multiple needs in one place is not only patient-centered, it also offers your patients the best chance at achieving and maintaining positive health outcomes and helps to ensure patients return to you for their future health needs. The RHP can help you identify how to integrate reproductive health services into your daily practice, whether through participating as a subrecipient in the Reproductive Health Integration Initiative (RHII), or through targeted training and technical assistance. Reproductive health integration support is offered at no cost to your practice. If you are interested in integrating reproductive health services or improving the quality of services already offered, check out the FAQs below.



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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! If you have any other questions, please contact Cara McCarthy at

  • What is the Reproductive Health Integration Initiative?

    The goal of the Reproductive Health Integration Initiative (RHII), of the Louisiana Department of Health’s Bureau of Family Health's RHP, is to increase access to and utilization of reproductive health services by integrating these services into primary care settings. Reproductive health services are integrated into every visit with a patient of reproductive age through the use of screening questions. These questions initiate a conversation about family planning and the patient’s reproductive health needs. Participants in the RHII are subrecipients of the Title X Family Planning Program, the only Federal program dedicated to family planning and related preventive health services. RHII subrecipient partners agree to offer all Title X Program reproductive health services (see below), as well as a broad range of contraceptive methods.

  • What reproductive health services do RHII partners provide?

    Reproductive health services include pregnancy testing and counseling, STD screening and treatment, breast and cervical cancer screening, basic infertility services, preconception services, and reproductive life planning, including family planning methods.

  • What is involved with participating in RHII?

    RHII partners participate in ongoing training and technical assistance to help build their capacity to provide Title X reproductive health services. RHII partners also provide monthly and quarterly reproductive health data to the Reproductive Health Program for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement purposes.

  • Is there funding available for clinics participating in RHII?

    Funding is available for clinics that participate in RHII. Total contract amount is based on patient volume and need, and full payment of monthly invoices is based on meeting performance measures defined by the RHP.

  • How can I participate in RHII?

    The next RHII Solicitation of Offers will be released in early 2023. To learn more visit our Solicitation of Offers page .

  • How can I improve the quality of the reproductive health services I provide even if I am not a RHII subrecipient?

    This website provides a wide range of resources to help your practice improve the quality and scope of reproductive health services. The Reproductive Health Program also offers assistance in finding in-person training and professional development opportunities.


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