Louisiana’s Reproductive Health Program (RHP) is a public service of the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health. The RHP provides support for clinics that are open to anyone who needs birth control, pregnancy testing, annual exams (breast and cervical cancer screening) checkups, reproductive health education, sexually transmitted infection screenings and treatment, or a referral for additional services. From our central office in New Orleans, the RHP supports clinics serving tens of thousands of Louisianans at over 60 clinics around the state. Our clinical network staff works hard to provide patient-centered, confidential, and quality-care for anyone in need.

We offer special privacy protections, adolescent services, and a wide range of contraceptive options for all our clients at all clinic locations. What’s more, we take all forms of insurance, including private insurance, all Medicaid and Healthy Louisiana plans, Tricare, and Medicare. If you don’t have insurance, we can help connect you with coverage. And if you’re still concerned about the cost of care, ask about our sliding fee scale.

All clients receive unbiased, confidential, and individualized information plus tools and support for developing their own reproductive life plan. Client information is always private and confidential, regardless of a client’s age, marital status, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, or citizenship status. You do not have to be a resident of Louisiana to receive services or care.

What services can you get through our clinics? We’re glad you asked…

We provide the following services at all of our clinics:

All FDA-approved forms of birth control

Health Education & Counseling

Emergency Contraception (“Morning-after pill")

Pregnancy Testing & Counseling

Testing & Treatment for STIs and HIV

Screenings for breast cancer & cervical cancer, including Pap Smears

Achieving healthy pregnancy and basic infertility care

Referrals for sterilizations & vasectomies

All clients receive unbiased, confidential, and individualized education and counseling on reproductive health and reproductive life planning. You do not have to be a resident of the parish or the state to receive services.

Insurance Information

Parish Health Units accept all forms of health insurance, including all Healthy Louisiana Medicaid plans, Medicare, and Tricare. Ask about our sliding fee scale – you may qualify for reduced-cost or no-cost screenings, treatment, and care. Clinics will never turn people away, even if they can’t pay anything. If you don’t have health insurance right now, you can still make an appointment to come in and we can help connect you with coverage.

Women’s Right to Know

Read up on Louisiana’s Women’s Right to Know Law and visit the Abortion Alternatives Hotline and Website.

Patient Portal

Did you receive services at a Parish Health Unit? Current patients can access appointment information, message with providers, and view lab test results in the LDH Patient Portal.


We Want Your Feedback!

Coming soon, clients will be able to share feedback directly with the program about their experience receiving care at any RHP clinic. We want our care and services to  meet your needs, and we will use all feedback to improve our program. You will have the option to submit feedback anonymously- or, if you would like someone to contact you to follow-up, that will be possible as well.