Reproductive Health Program

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Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Coverage can be confusing. We’re here to help.

The Reproductive Health Program accepts both public and private forms of health coverage. The clinics provide quality care to anyone and everyone, though. So even if you do not have health coverage, you will never be turned away because of an inability to pay. Plus, if you don't have coverage now, you may be eligible for new reproductive health coverage!

           Even better? We can help you apply. 

Do you need health coverage for Family Planning and Reproductive Health services? 

You may qualify for special Medicaid coverage for family planning services, if you: 

  • Meet income criteria 
  • Are a Louisiana resident
  • Do not currently have health insurance that covers family planning services

With this coverage you can receive: 

  • Seven physical examinations or necessary re-visits each year for family planning services provided by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.
  • Laboratory tests for the purpose of family planning
  • Approved medications and supplies (examples: birth control pills, patches, IUDs, diaphragms, etc.)
  • STD testing and treatment 

Primary care services are not covered by this program. When a need for primary care treatment is identified during a family planning waiver visit, the waiver participant will be given information about primary care providers. A list of available primary care service providers is available here. The patient is responsible for all charges associated with primary care services.

Want to Apply? 

A single application is now used to determine Medicaid eligibility. You can complete or download the application by going to the Online Louisiana Medicaid Application Center. Just click on the ‘Apply for Health Coverage’ button. Applications can also be completed by phone or by mail. 

Prefer to talk to someone in-person? Visit an application center near you.

Or bring these items to your next appointment and fill out an application at the clinic. You will need: 

  1. Social Security Number 
  2. Employer and Income information for everyone in your family 
  3. Information on any health insurance you have currently