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Birth Control

Finding the Right Birth Control Method for You

The Reproductive Health clinics provide a wide range of contraceptive options. With so many kinds of birth control available, we are dedicated to helping find the one that works best for you! Your health care provider can help you work through deciding which method best matches up with your personal values, lifestyle, and health. Remember, though, that this is your birth control and that in the end it is your choice.

Keep in mind that not all methods are equally effective. Check out this helpful breakdown of which methods of birth control give you the best shot at avoiding pregnancy. Then, answer the two questions below to see what options you should consider first. Be sure to check out the interactive Birth Control Method Explorer from to learn more about specific methods. They even have a Guy’s Guide, so your partner can get informed too!

Give us a call and make an appointment to talk your options over with a health care professional.